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How do I create an account?
During the ordering process, enter your address details and choose the delivery method. You can then view and change your details via 'my account'.
The next time you order you can also make changes to the delivery address and billing address.
I can't use my email address
You may have previously created an account with a student association affiliated with one of the associations affiliated with Smartbooks.
Sometimes you are automatically redirected to the association where you also created an account.
In case you want to order textbooks via this site at you must use a different email address and create a new account.
I forgot my password, what should I do?
From 'my account' on the website you can easily retrieve your password. After entering your email address, you will receive a password reset link by email.
I have moved, where can I report this?
You can change your details next time you order or directly via 'my account'. Would you like to have your book delivered somewhere other than the address you gave when you placed your order? If so, please contact us via Please include your order details in the communication.
I have a different e-mail address, where can I pass this on?
You can change your details next time you order or directly via ‘my account’.
I want to receive my order at an address other than my home address. Is that possible?
You will receive the books at the address you provided when ordering. Is this address not correct? In this case, please contact us via email. Please mention in the communication that it is an order via .

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Where can I buy my textbooks?
Textbooks can be bought online here.
Can I see which textbooks has in stock?
You cannot see on our website which books are in stock. The rule of thumb is that all textbooks for the current and upcoming term if you order them online can be delivered the next working day.
I need a textbook and the course has already started, but the book is out of stock. What now?
Incidentally, there may be some delays in the delivery of textbooks. We make every effort to have the required textbooks in stock as soon as possible. Usually, if you don't have it, others won't have it either. We do our best to deliver everyone the book as soon as possible. In case of problems, we inform your professor.
I am going to take a course, but cannot find it on the website. What should I do now?
Some subjects do not require books. Those subjects are therefore not listed on online. It is of course possible that a course is not listed and a book is required. We would like to hear about this mistake via:
I would like to buy all my textbooks at once, is that possible?
You can buy textbooks for the whole year, but we strongly advise against it. Not only is it expensive, but you are also taking a risk. This is because sometimes changes occur in the prescribed literature, or new editions of books appear. This could mean that you have bought the wrong book, or that you have bought a book you do not need at all. Order your books by period or semester and you will always be on the right track!
How much discount do I get on my textbooks if I am a member of ?
If you are a member of , you will get very high discount on your textbooks.
Discount on textbooks
Before a period begins, you will receive a 10 per cent discount on textbooks written in Dutch when ordering online via . This is due to Dutch legislation. You will receive this discount only in the period mentioned with the titles online. Once the period has started, you will receive a 5 per cent discount when purchasing 2 different books written in Dutch from a study association.
Textbooks written in English of any other language that is not Dutch are always super-cheap, with a 15% discount on the recommended retail price, if you are a member of .

Where can I become a member of ?
Become a member of while ordering! This is easy to click on. With your first order, you usually have the membership fee out of it already! Of course, you can also stop by at .

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Sells second-hand textbooks?
Second-hand textbooks are sold through this website to members of .
Can I sell my textbooks through ?
You can offer your textbooks that you no longer need for sale. will inform you by email once or twice a year when you can offer your books through this site.
What price do I pay for a second-hand book?
This varies from book to book. When ordering, you can choose between 'used' and 'heavily used'. In the latter case, you pay even less, but there will be more markings in the book.

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